ZipSkinny! Tons of Demographics

ZipSkinny WebsiteHave you ever driven through a neighborhood and wondered what the demographics were?  Well, I’ve come across this amazing website that will tell you EXACTLY that -

This website gives all this great information for ANY zip code in the U.S.. Check out the video I’ve put together showing how the website works [Read more...]

Meet The Inspector…Get Sage Advice

Today I had a meeting with a student to meet the man who was inspecting the house for her first deal.  Kevin Smith, the real estate inspector, has been in real estate for 21 years and deals with a lot of investors. [Read more...]

Make Your Day Job an Ally When Starting Your Wholesale Real Estate Business

Learn How to Make Money in Real Estate Many who take my training have what I call  a “day job”, one of those jobs where, on a daily basis, you have to go to a designated place at a designated time chosen by someone usually known as the boss. [Read more...]

Is Real Estate Wholesaling For Me?

Guest Post by B. Collins, The Wholesale Project New Graduate

Little did I know when my mom gave me her membership to The Wholesale Project what would happen. In fact, at first I didn’t think much about it. I thought it was just another thing she wanted me to look at.

Then I started going through the videos. Will is an amazing teacher, he actually made real estate wholesaling seem easy, all I wanted to do was get started! I had to make myself sit through the entire program before I actually did anything. Well, that may not be entirely true, I did have some fear, but only because I knew so little about real estate in general. [Read more...]

How Real Estate Wholesalers Help Neighborhoods

The Wholesale Project - Will DenkerHow can you as a real estate wholesaler help the neighborhoods in which you work?

In almost every neighborhood in America you will find at least one house that the neighbors wish didn’t exist, at least one house that changes the beauty of an otherwise well maintained street. Do you think the homeowners in that neighborhood could benefit from the work you would do there by bringing together a troubled homeowner with a skilled investor who does rehab?

You bet! [Read more...]

Thanks to All Who Attended The Wholesale Project Bootcamp

The Wholesale Project Bootcamp is over and I’m really tired! I tell you, it was three full days of information, networking, and getting ready to hit the ground running.

I just want to thank everyone for coming and making the event a great success! Below is a fabulous group picture. I don’t think everyone was there but most were. Great pic guys!

The Wholesale Project Bootcamp - Will Denker


If you weren’t a member of The Wholesale Project this go-round, don’t worry, I’m going to run it again! Click here to sign-up for the early notification list. The Wholesale Project is where you will learn the quickest, fastest, easiest way to make money in real estate. I’ll post testimonials soon so you can hear what the group above has to say about the program, so go sign up now!

I’ll be posting again soon!


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