Wholesaling Q&A Call recording

This is a 1.5 hr audio interview with me (Will Denker) answering questions from real estate investors (beginners and veterans) about wholesaling property. It is the only way you can really make money in real estate without credit or cash on hand to invest yourself.

If you interested in my complete online training course, you can get more information by clicking here.

The One Thing You Must Do To Reach Your Goals

Write Your GoalsOver that last few months I’ve been super busy with my coaching students while simultaneously getting ready for the launch of The Wholesale Project. Now that the launch is over, I’ve had a little time to think about my goals and whether or not I’m on track with what I want to do. As I’ve been going through this process, I’m once again reminded of the remarkable power of the pen, the power gained by taking time to commit your goals to writing.

Why do all the experts tell us to write our goals on paper? [Read more...]

Affirmations Don’t Work…Or Do They?

affirmationsThose of you who are members at “The Wholesale Project” know that I use a list of daily affirmations to keep me positive and focused. I know some don’t believe that affirmations work. Some have even tried using daily affirmations and found first hand that they didn’t work. And then there are others, like me, who believe, use and find that they do indeed make a big difference in your life. [Read more...]

A Necessary Skill for Real Estate Wholesalers

time is a wholesalers most precious resourceI often wonder where my days go. As an entrepreneur it’s important to make the most of my time, and usually I’m pretty good at doing that. But then there are those days when I look back and wonder, “What did I do today, where did my day go?”

Does that ever happen to you? [Read more...]

Want To Learn Real Estate Wholesaling?

The Wholesale Project is Reopening Next WeekI’m getting ready to re-open “The Wholesale Project” again very soon. I wasn’t going to announce the opening yet but I think one of my friends sent an email out today that gave away my secret. So now,  since the cat’s out of the bag, I thought it would be good to announce it here too. That way it’ll give you time to go over to the site, get registered and watch the free videos. [Read more...]

Tony Robbins – Raise Your Standards By Changing Your Rituals

Tony Robbins - Raise Your StandardsThere’s no doubt that Tony Robbins is one of the best speakers on the planet. But it’s not just that he’s a good speaker, he truly makes people”s lives different teaching them how to transform themselves.

In this video he talks about how you have to back-up your goals with rituals that raise your standards for yourself. [Read more...]

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